In the last days of December, we decided to pay tribute to those who helped us bring our creative ideas into reality and show you the best results of working together.

the best project

In 2019, we are most proud of our apartment project in Sofia. This is a great example of teamwork, in which we went through all stages from the development of a design project to the full implementation of the idea in life.

The two-level apartment is the epitome of our ideas about intuitive design, ergonomics and aesthetics. For the interior we picked up laconic furniture and furnishings with bright color accents, used a few tricks in the storage systems and worked out all the details of the space based on the habits and preferences of our customer.



better cooperation

To make a good design project – it is not enough, it is necessary to make the plan in a realistic way. In the case of the project in Sofia LCD, we were assisted by the Kelsis studio, the experienced 044 repair team and the Kochut furniture brand. Harmonious work has produced the excellent result you see in the photo.

Kelsis specializes in the decoration of surfaces using plaster, and it is they who created on the wall living rooms complex texture, which became one of the main accents in the space of the apartment.

У всьому іншому – від звільнення приміщення та чорнової обробки до установки меблів і сантехніки – нам допомогла ремонтна бригада 044. Без їхньої майстерності та дисципліни втілення наших проектів було б просто неможливо.

And thanks to the Ukrainian brand Kochut, the apartment has the most striking and unusual elements of decoration – tables made of solid wood and epoxy resin.


We want to thank all of our subscribers who stay with us and keep track of our work – we are developing thanks to you! Every LifehouseDesign project invests all its strength and soul, so feedback from the audience is very valuable to us.

The most active subscriber to our Instagram page in 2019 was our customer and one – Andriy Yushchenko: he did not neglect any of our posts, followed all the stories and blog on the site!

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