Often, upholstered furniture becomes the most important and largest part of the interior. A sofa and armchairs are the central elements of the living room that set the general mood and become the meeting place for all guests; and a large and comfortable bed is the main meaning of the bedroom. Therefore, we advise you to approach the choice of upholstered furniture with special attention and today we’ll talk about which brands are worth a closer look.


The company is focused on upholstered furniture and small interior items. Models are created according to the projects of Ukrainian designers, and the Interia studio itself is distinguished by its chamberness and ideology of a family company, where each product becomes a favorite for masters.


Frankof presents a large selection of upholstered furniture in different styles. Products are created from coniferous wood, and upholstered with fabric or eco-leather from a wide palette of colors.


The brand makes all the furniture in its individual minimalist style, in deep and light pastel colors. In addition to serial positions, it is possible to order the development of an individual model with your own wishes, but in the style of the brand.


The young workshop of designer furniture Cube44 focuses on ergonomic furniture solutions for modern life, for the home and public spaces. The style is simple, functional and full of character, and the brand philosophy is quality in detail. Of particular note is the Horizon furniture collection by Pavel Vetrov.


The idea of the company arose from the creators because of the personal need for aesthetic and quality furniture in the loft style. Designloft now has its own loft and Scandinavian-style furniture production. Each model of upholstered furniture is concise, thought out in design and color.

Also on the Ukrainian market there are several brands that have in their assortment some very interesting models of upholstered furniture, but this is not the main direction of their work.


The Woodwerk brand is already well-known for its furniture made from natural wood of ash and oak, which is manufactured in-house from start to finish. Among their models there are several excellent options for upholstered furniture.


Esense furniture is suitable for home, office and public interiors and is made in the most popular loft, minimalism, high-tech and Scandinavian styles to date. The assortment contains only a few models of upholstered furniture, but they are worth paying attention to.


Odesd2 is a studio of young designers whose work is also well known for its conciseness and memorable design. Among the studio’s works there are a lot of subject decor, lighting elements and diverse furniture.

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