When you have decided on a design studio, which you entrust with the main thing – your home, it seems that the most responsible decision is already behind. But even the best designer will not be able to read your thoughts, so you should accurately convey your wishes and choose the most suitable examples.

What are references, why and how to select them

Reference is a picture with an example of an interior where you can explain to the designer your preferences.

It’s necessary to choose such examples so that you can discuss all your desires and tastes with the performer as concretely as possible and at the end of the work rejoice over your interior for a long time. Examples of our work can be found in the Projects section. If you don’t have time or desire to look for such pictures, the designer will help you.

It is not necessary to try to find such an example of an interior that will suit you 100%. You can select those pictures in which you like individual elements, details or colors. You can also pick up a couple of images of something that you absolutely do not like – this is also very useful and will help to avoid negative surprises as a result.



What to focus on when talking with a designer

LifehouseDesign Studio practices intuitive design – this means that we think through all the details of the space in accordance with your individual lifestyle, habits and hobbies. This approach from our side will allow you to easily integrate into the new interior and continue to live in the usual rhythm.

  1. Tell about yourself

Get ready that we will inquire in detail about everything 🙂 The main thing you need to mention:

  • Your hobbies or hobbies of family members;
  • How often do you plan to cook at home;
  • Which suits you best: shower or bath;
  • Do you have any pets?
  • Do you have important habits or special “fad” that are important to consider when developing a project;
  • What color scheme is more suitable for you in character and mood;
  • Do you plan to bring guests often or expand your family;
  • Do you have any fears.

During a conversation with a designer, the focus should be primarily on your character, personality, preferences and plans. Then we can create an interior that will become a harmonious continuation of you and will breathe in unison with you.

  1. Discuss budget

You need to discuss in advance the budget of the future interior and choose for yourself the most suitable package of services for the company you are contacting. The specific list of services and their prices can be found on our website in the Services and prices section.

  1. Draw up terms of reference

The designer needs to provide the layout of the rooms in which you plan to update the interior. In TK, it is desirable to indicate the style that you determined with the designer, and other details. If you would like to keep something from the current furniture – it is also important to warn the designer about this so that he correctly fits this detail into the future interior.

For all questions, you can contact us at LifehouseDesign studio and we will be happy to help you!

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