Whatever the beautiful interior, all the same, to see it in all colors and volumes, you need to turn on the light. Moreover, well-chosen and not only because of the quality of the light bulb. Of course, parallel to the lamp itself can be a full-fledged design object, occupying its place in the interior. We will talk about such today on the example of 5 studios from Kiev.


– Workshop decor items and gifts made of wood. Among their works are related to lighting. This is the usual, and table lamps, and sconces. Which are also made of wood.



-The company working with the subject design and interiors, including lighting. Their works are based on the principles of minimalist forms and lines, conciseness of design, ease of use and pleasant texture. What can be seen on the geometric volumetric shapes and thin lines of lamps.


Insomnia lab

-Studio works with furniture and lighting. All the fixtures they make combine the shape of an icosahedron with perforated walls. Perforation is made using patterns. And when the light inside is turned on, the room is filled not only with light, but also with shadows, through which those very patterns expand to all the walls.



-Studio that manufactures lamps and design elements from ceramics. Specifically, their work stands out in that they resemble images of phantasmagoric creatures. The team is engaged in both its current production and collaborates with social organizations in social projects to help children, the elderly and those who need it. And besides all the above, he enters into the internal kitchen of the case and conducts master classes on working with ceramics of various levels of complexity.


Imperium light

-Studio is engaged exclusively in lighting in three styles: high-tech, loft and individual design work. The catalog includes lamps on the ceiling, pendant, sconces, spotlights for functional separation of premises, spots, table and standard. And this is just a list of those that can be useful in the room. As the studio also develops for architecture, industry, street landscape and park design and for decorative visualization.


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