The kitchen should be comfortable and beautiful, then cooking breakfast will energize you for the whole day, and cooking dinner after hard working days will calm and relax.

Having looked through this list of furniture brands, you can be inspired and come up with an image for your future kitchen, and if it is already ready – among the variety of furniture you can find something suitable for your interior.


The brand invests decisions taken from nature at the core of each model, because for them naturalness comes first. They were able to reveal in the furniture all the beauty of natural materials: wood, stone, metal and glass.

Since nature was the source of inspiration, the brand also dedicated its name to the richest nature reserve of Ukraine – the Askania-Nova biosphere reserve.


The brand says that it creates products out of time, so they will be relevant for many years. In kitchen furniture, they place the main emphasis on forms, carefully selected colors, architecture and the play of light – the main aspects that form a progressive and stylish image.

Most kitchens are made in the style of eco-minimalism, it has a straightforward design and ergonomic use of kitchen space. Strict geometric shapes are easily combined and complement each other.

Kolo Furniture

The furniture of this brand has a minimalistic, but very interesting design and colorful, but not annoying colors. Most of the Kolo models could look like separate exhibits in the interior, but the whole charm is that they can also be used! On the site you can sort their furniture by category, including the section of furniture for the kitchen.


Lares & penates

The brand designs furniture mainly in the Scandinavian style, and by combining elements from their different collections, you can get unexpected original results.

Most models are grouped in collections, so they are easy to combine with each other. On the brand’s website you can buy modular furniture, presented in the form of ready-made compositions, or make your own selection of different items. Due to this, Lares & Penates is suitable for those who want everything at once, and for those who are interested in assembling their interior in parts.




All Woodwerk furniture is made of Ukrainian hardwood – ash or oak. This factory undergoes a full production cycle: from drying to painting and furniture assembly.

On the brand’s website you can find individual elements of the interior for the kitchen and dining room, and even small practical elements of decor: wooden boards and trays. All furniture is made of wood and metal, so even if it is ordered separately, it will still be in the same style.



The furniture of this brand is created individually for your premises, because Mebelitto experts believe that individual design and unique design should come first.

The advantage of this approach is that you can turn any idea into reality, not limited to typical furniture models.



The brand works together with the Italian design bureau Adriani & Rossi and positions itself as a factory of individual kitchens. Two designers are working on projects – Marina Cherkashina and Stefano Adriani. The architectural experience of Marina Cherkashina allows talking about the “individuality” of these kitchens: in designing furniture, she builds on the portrait of the customer, on his lifestyle, tastes and habits. Thus, kitchens are different, each with its own characteristics, but they have common features – ergonomics, functionality and conciseness.

With LifehouseDesign you can realize any of the boldest ideas of the kitchen and complement it with furniture from Ukrainian brands!

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