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Welcome to the LifeHouseDesign lab!

The subject of research in our laboratory has always been the hobbies, habits and preferences of our clients.
Based on this knowledge, we create a unique space for your life!
This is a space where everything is thought out in accordance with your lifestyle, habits and hobbies: everything you need will always be at hand, and the secondary will never get under your feet.

This is exactly what we call intuitive interior design.

In this way, you get not just ergonomic space, but a like-minded person who lives in the same rhythm with you and breathes in unison with you.
And all this in order sobrovy could focus on the main thing – the real pleasure from self-living!

In the LifeHouseDesign laboratory, we create a space for real life, life in your unique style.

Apartment in the residential complex “Lipinka”
LGproject “LCD Warsaw District”
Apartment in the residential complex “Sofia”

We work with different styles and creatively implement them in a modern way. That is an eclectic union, constructivism, eco-style, fusion and even classical or any of the ancient styles.

However, the stylistic principles of decorating a room are much more important, in our opinion, is a deep inner idea – the soul and character of space.

And here we are guided by the principles of intuitive design in the interior.

When we talk about intuitive design in the interior – the main principle by which we are guided in our work – this is, first of all, we mean not the stylistic decision, but the “built-in functionality” of the room. This is an organization of space that allows you to easily perform the tasks you are familiar with in the house, and the zoning and location of all items will also help you in this.

After all, you must have noticed how a left-handed person will, without hesitation, stretch his left hand in order to perform an action, and the right-handed person will do his right hand.
And such individual features can be observed in our every movement. That is why we pay great attention to the study of lifestyle, special preferences and hobbies of our customers. And all this in order to create truly ideal living spaces!


We are so different. In our laboratory, an inveterate bachelor and an exemplary family man, and a light, dreamy artist, the mother of two small princesses, and a pragmatic realist, and a daredevil extreme, and a minimalist, are perfectly coexisting under one roof in our laboratory.

Yes, we are all very different, but we are united by the thirst for life! To life in all its unique manifestations!

We work together on each project, attracting different views to solve the same problems. In this way, we manage to create a truly perfect space for any lifestyle or work.

Vladimir, Foreman Titan on technical issues, the owner of all belts on repair and construction issues
Andrey, Designer Talented, beautiful, smart and most importantly modest studio head
Olya, Designer / Visualizer Our muse, very creative, sincere person ... This is our color and light

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