-Interior design-project

Design-project prepared by our Laboratory will enable you to visualize your interior before even construction works started, and then to precisely implement it in real life. Design-project is supported by a set of technical documentary, describing all functional and design elements. This set includes:


DP-1 Dimensional drawing linked to engineering communications;
DP-2 Premises layout option (1-2 variable options)
DP-3 Style and color solutions (1-2 variable options)
DP-4 Premises layout after re-planning
DP-5 Plan of constructional installation and dismantling (scaled)
DP-6 Furniture planning lay-out (1=2 variable options)
DP-7 Floor planning scheme with materials lay-out
DP-8 Ceiling planning scheme
DP-9 Illumination scheme linked to electrical utilities
DP-10 Illumination placement scheme, lines allocation among switchers
DP-11 Sockets scheme     
DP-12 Ceiling layers schemes for every section
DP-13 Warm floor scheme
DP-14 Doorways scheme
DP-15 Conditioning scheme
DP-16 Kitchen equipment installation scheme
DP-17 Tubing scheme and plumbing equipment installation plan
DP-18 Bathroom dimensional drawings and materials calculation
DP-19 Dimensional drawings for all walls with materials calculation and detailed cut-outs for all decorative sections
DP-20 Specification for electric equipment
DP-21 Specification for all lamps
DP-22 Interior visualization in 3D Studio Max (2-3 prospective for every room)


Timelines for design-project preparation: 5-7 weeks

-Supervision of construction and designing works

DP-23 Author’s supervision:

- Regular onsite visits by author of design-project: twice a week (one visit to construction venue, one for materials and furniture selection). Additional visits frequency is negotiated separately.

- Necessary corrections and amendments into dimensional drawings, after old septum dismantling or new ones installation; after floors, walls or ceilings alignment;  

- Supervision and consultancy services during installation and finishing works;

- Supervision and consultancy services during overall project compliance;

- Commercial offers preparation with suppliers’ contacts.  


Together with client:

- Finishing materials and decorations selection;

- Furniture selection;

- Floor covering materials selection (parquet, laminate, ceramic tile, etc.);

- Joinery selection (doors, window frames, stairways, etc.);

- Kitchen equipment selection;

- Illumination equipment selection;

- Type of ventilation and conditioning selection;

- Sanitary equipment selection;  

- Decoration support (carpets selection, paintings, curtains and other interior elements).


Timelines: contract for supervision can be signed for any negotiated with client period.

-Decoration works

Additional service from our Laboratory, that allows you to induce finished appearance of your interior including such smallest details, as textile, planting, art objects and other components, that create special mood and emphasize individuality.
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